I went cliff-jumping

img_0662Sai Wan, HK 2013

One of my favorite memories early on when I was studying abroad was going to cliff jump with the other exchange students. We were a couple weeks in. I was slowly becoming known as the typical “Party Girl from America” a title I gladly toted in the beginning (that story to come soon). As much as I went out, I was drunk most of the time and barely recall meeting people. I wasn’t sure I wanted to actually cliff jump (1. because I had a mole on my right breast biopsied 2. that was never the reason 3. I’m extremely body conscious).

Anyways, I’m glad i took part in it. The group of friends I met in the beginning did not come. I was going about with my roommate from Hawaii, Chicago OG and a couple other Americans. But frankly I wandered about meeting the other foreign and local students.

I remember meeting a Pakistani local, probably the rest of the American students LOL, and a couple cool kids from Glasgow. We took a taxi ride up to the starting point of the trail. Learned that rubbers were erasers in the UK versus condoms in America.

I often went from person to person. Chatting about where they were from, about their culture, and how fucking hot and humid Hong Kong was.

The hike was long, I wouldn’t say difficult until you try to get to the actual cliff jumping site. You have to be careful; there is no flat trail. You are side climbing the sometimes steep and jagged rocks. The amount of times I heard, “I’m going to fall” or “I’m going to die” was so unnecessary when I look back. But one misstep and one of else could have gotten seriously injured.

After maneuvering through vines and rocks, we managed to get to the most beautiful little spot. It was the first time I realized how diverse Hong Kong was. You have the busy city. The lights. And then you take a day trip, and get outside to the more rural area (it is a work out tho) and it is like you are in a different place.

I see the other students. Bikini clad or shirtless, most of them so pale. The drop looked like 50- 60 feet deep. All I know is, your girl thought she wasn’t going to jump, but damn I did!


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