Inside the Infinity Mirrored Room

A short trip to LA this past weekend to view a very popular art installation by Yayoi Kusama.

Located in The Broad. We made reservations over a month ago in order to surpass the non reservation line to get in. And then it was another 3 hours to view the mirrored room. So in the meantime we looked at some art.

Check out the collection by Mark Tansey capitivated us for over half an hour. Especially the piece, A Short History of Modernist Painting. Oh my gosh! Yes, it had history. Yes, it had stereotypical gender roles. But, was it also about censorship? I don’t know, but we thought it tied in.

Infinity Mirrored Room is meant to be viewed one at a time. That day each person was given 45 seconds inside. That’s it. I was so anxious because like everyone, I wanted a good picture.

DSLR  (Canon T3i) and video  (iPhone 5s, Snapchat app).


I did struggle to get a decent picture (I’m new to the magic of DLSR’s and proper lens) because I didn’t realize the lights dim throughout the experience. If there is anything I would recommend, it would be to be present. I think within 20 seconds I settled with whatever shot and 10 second video I got.

Once I was done fussing over my camera and phone, I took a good look around and realized how infinite I felt (Perks of Being a Wallflower!!!).

It was beautiful, how the lights were like a million stars..and in my head Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ was playing.




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