Hello – Bonjour – Hola – 你好

I’m Dahlia.

Have you ever had a moment in life where you knew what you wanted to do? I did…when I sketched my first dress in 6th grade after watching the red carpet coverage of an award show.

So what has happened from then up to now? Well, a lot of things- but nothing to do with fashion. I’ve never lost my interest, but I gave into fear and doubt. I went a different direction, with no regrets at all, with every intent of doing something in fashion afterwards.

No matter where I’ve gone in life, I’ve thought of all my fashion dreams in some way. And right now, I’ve decided to finally do something about it.

This blog has taken many different forms -an amateur advice blog for college newbs, a wannabe travel diary and my health issues define me therapy session.

What I want, is this to be honest. I want this to be about the journey. I don’t really have any sort of style, or favorite designers, or even a clue. But I do have passion and a bit of nerves lol.

Thanks for taking the time to read this…I hope you are doing or going after something that gives you passion and purpose.


“People are capable, at any time in their lives, in doing what they dreamed of.”

-The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho